Joe Lucas

Joe Lucas

Passionate about technology, wine, and the beach. This is the home for my thoughts on most of those things, and other random topics that pique my interest from time to time.

About Me

I've worked primarily for start-ups and small businesses both in and out of Silicon Valley. At the same time I usually found myself wearing multiple hats and working across multiple business functions. It's not unusual for me to be writing code in the morning, writing web copy during lunch, editing a video in the afternoon, and then finishing off my day by analyzing business analytics data. While at the time it seems a little hectic going back and forth between the different sides of my brain, it has provided me with a unique perspective and skill set for the changing marketing environment.

I currently reside in beautiful Murrells Inlet, SC with my amazing wife, two cats, and our amazingly energenic puppy, Luna.

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